15-Minute Booty Workout System™

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15 Minutes a Day is All it Takes! Lift and tone glute muscles, abs and total lower body! 

Lately, training the glutes has become a popular focus in most gyms. Yet equipment specifically made to activate the glute muscles is hard to come by. 

15-Minute Booty Workout System™ is a workout system designed to target your glutes and abs. It adds needed resistance to your lower-body for most popular exercises.  


This workout system has a lightweight design, so you can use it anywhere. It lets you use resistance bands to perform Pilates, yoga, and other fitness routines. The bands are useful not only for the glutes, but also for full-body exercises. 

It wraps around your waist and attaches to your feet to make traditional bodyweight exercises more difficult.


Build a Booty Worthy of a See-Through Dress With This 15-Minute Booty Workout System™ 

If you’re not naturally blessed with an ample booty like Kim or Beyoncé, how can you build yours up? 

Your butt is comprised of three major muscles: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus. All of these muscles need to be worked out, built, shaped, and tightened. The fact is, if you want a great butt, you have to exercise—and I am not talking about endless squats. You must work your butt from all angles so that your butt looks great. 

My 15-minute booty-blasting routine engages small and large muscle groups, and burns fat while toning and shaping. Get ready to lift, tighten, and build!


What does sitting for extended periods of time do to your butt? 

Sitting all day while working and driving turns off the muscles of your butt and it can over-stretch your glutes. When you start any full-body workout, make sure to include a glute exercise first (directly after your dynamic warm-up) to turn the glutes back on and get them awake and ready to engage for your entire workout. 

15-Minute Booty Workout System™ forces your muscles to work through the full resistance of the Booty Bands. This Booty Workout System is extremely effective lean muscle building and fat burning piece of fitness equipment. 


-The lightweight and compact design allows you to take it anywhere or use it in the privacy of your home, never having to miss your 15-minute workout session. 

-Designed to target 5 muscle groups: Abs, Quads, Hamstrings, Calves and Glutes. 

-Real Results: Get a well-toned and lifted butt in 10 days with just 15 minutes per day. Remarkable results in 30 Days! 

Adjustable Waist Belt: Our waist belts are adjustable and will fit waist sizes from 23 inches to 46 inches. Easily adjustable and padded waist bands adds extra comfort to your waist and legs.


4 Booty Band Moves You Need to Try 

1. Flutter Kicks 

  • Lie flat on your back with for legs straight 
  • Lift both legs up in the air about 45 degrees 
  • Keeping your core stable and legs straight, perform a kicking motion, alternating legs


2. Donkey Kicks 

  • Begin on your hands and knees 
  • Place your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips 
  • Lift one leg until the bottom of the foot is parallel with the ceiling 
  • Return the leg back and repeat with other leg


3. Spiderman Push-Ups 

  • Start in a high plank position 
  • Lower into a Push-Up while bringing your right knee to your right elbow 
  • Push up to return to a high plank and move your leg back to the starting position 
  • Repeat on your left side and continue in alternating fashion


4. Alternate Leg Press 

  • Lie on your back 
  • Lift you chest and head up and rest on your forearms 
  • Lift both legs about 6 inches off the ground 
  • Kick your right leg out to full extension and tuck your left knee into your chest 
  • Repeat on opposite side and continue in alternating fashion


Material: Nylon + Latex
Level of resistance: 40 lb / 18 kg
Gifts: Exercise guide & Carry bag

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